Still no update on the great gourd experiment but we DO have new decals to try.  Maybe Dick can work on one this week.

Kentucky Crafted: The Market is in two weeks, March 8th and 9th at the Lexington Convention Center.  We are no longer doing the shows.  My health won't let me.  It's still wonderful to go see what others are doing.  This art and craft extravaganza features not only a wide variety of art work and crafts from KY and bordering states but also music, books, specialty food products and so much more.  The work is all handcrafted by area artists and is sure to bring beauty into your lives.  I WILL have a piece in a special exhibit.  Look for the Arts Access display.  There will most likely be one of my images there. 

We've had a recent peek at Spring.  Visit the Market and get the full view!