Despite the horrid weather last Friday, there was a great crowd at the KY Art's Council's Arts Access exhibit "identity" at the Weber Gallery in Louisville.  The gallery is delightful, the staff are great and the reception was one of the best we've seen.  Visitors not only enjoyed the art work, they sought out the artists.  The artists also sought out other artists.  The work covered a wide variety of mediums  and topics.  Some reflected on the experiences  of the artists, some showed the world as though there was no disability to overcome in creating the work.  It was hard to tell the artists from the visitors except in my case as I buzzed around on my scooter.  I think there is a great lesson to be learned from this.  Lots of us have disabilities that don't show until you get to know us better.  Don't make assumptions.  Come talk with us about our art.  And please, go view the exhibit if you are anywhere near it!